You don’t forget how to ride a bike. It is also fun and a quick and easy way to get from one place to another independently and on your own. My name is Franzi and I’ve been living in Basel since 2014. Originally from the hotel industry, my heart beats for tourism. My passion is to make people curious about something new and to inspire them. I also like to travel and share my experiences with others.

The idea for BASEL BY BIKE came up in the hot summer of 2018. Another record summer dominated the entire world and my fiancé and I went on a long-awaited trip through Eastern Canada. The hot temperatures gave us hard times particularly in the cities. We only stopped for 2-3 days in most places and wanted to take as many impressions home with us as possible. We didn’t want to walk over the hot asphalt anymore and were looking for an alternative to discover the city. In Ottawa we came across Escape Bicycle Tours and joined a guided bike tour. This ease of exploring a foreign city and learning interesting facts and insider tips from a local guide inspired us.

Back in Basel we went through all the formalities, explored safe bike trails in Basel for you and put together an attractive route with many highlights.

BASEL BY BIKE doesn’t just want to be a role model for an independent means of transport that keeps you fit. We also thought about taking our bikes ecologically to the starting point of the tour. from Munich manufactures innovative bike trailers. The “Bike Transporter 5” is the perfect model for us to carry up to 5 bicycles to the starting point.

Safety when riding a bike is very important. Therefore, you will get a helmet from us for the time of the sightseeing tour. We thank KED Helmsysteme who have equipped us with safe and stylish helmets. The helmets are disinfected regularly.

Fun fact: our helmets are colored red and blue – just like the local football club FC Basel 😉